23 years of research experience in design/fabrication/testing/commercialization in advanced biotechnology fields (biomaterial immobilization, primer design for PCR, RT-PCR, NASBA, extraction/purification of RNA/DNA, signal processing, micro-fluidics for biosensor, bioelectronics devices, lab-on-a-chip) and biochemical engineering field (analytical modeling, fluidic simulation, optics, waste-water analysis and treatment, cell culture, bioreactor design)
Ph.D in Chemical Engineering, Feb 1994-Aug 1998 SOGANG UNIVERSITY, Seoul, Korea
Master of Engineering in Chemical Engineering, Feb 1992-Feb 1994 SOGANG UNIVERSITY, Seoul, Korea
Bachelors of Engineering in Chemical Engineering, Feb 1988-Feb 1992 SOGANG UNIVERSITY, Seoul, Korea
Mar 12 ~

Associate professor / professor 

School of Integrative Engineering, Chung-ang University, Seoul, Korea 

Organ chip for cancer researches,  
Cytotoxicity test 

Sample preparation techniques

micro Total analytical system for the detection of bacteria and virus 

Mar 07 ~ Feb 12 Assistant professor
Gachon Bionano Research Institute, Kyungwon University, Seongnam, Korea
Cell chip application to cancer diagnosis
Fast detection of bacteria and virus using RNA
Aug 03 ~ Feb 07 Project Leader
Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Kiheung, Korea
Nanopore sensor for the detection DNA
Developed nanofabrication technique with conventional lithography
Developed surface modification technique of nano wall using ALD
Designed nanopore system integrated on microfluidic system
Lap-on-a-chip for the fast detection of bacteria/virus
Designed new DNA/RNA concentration/purification technologies
Designed new cell lysis chip using electrolysis
Developed silicon based micro chip for DNA purification
Developed real time PCR chip including DNA purification
Jan 02 ~ May03 Senior Scientist
Innovative Biotechnologies, International, Grand Island, NY
Universal Lap-on-a-chip for the fast detection of bacteria/virus
Developed the micro static mixers using silicon, PDMS, glass, PMMA and SU-8
Detected target sequence in micro channel optically
Fabricated Interdigitated microelectrode to detect target sequence electro-chemically
Jan 00 ~ Jan 02 Post Doctoral Fellow (in the laboratory of Professor Antje Baeumner)
Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
Anti-bio terror project
Developed RNA biosensor to detect E.coli bacteria and Degue virus
Designed Specific primer and probe set for E.coli and Dengue
Amplified of DNA/RNA by PCR, RT-PCR and NASBA
Commercialized Membrane biosensor
Made Liposome as tag
Oct 98 ~ Sep 99 Post Doctoral Researcher (in the laboratory of Professor Se-Hwan Park)
Graduate School of Biotechnology, Korea University, Seoul, Korea
The signal processing of bioelectronic device without pixelization
mage signal processed from bio image sensor
Designed Biocomputer
Developed principles of Hardware for calculation with Biocomputer.
Made Liposome as tag
Mar 92 ~ Aug 98 Research Assistant (in the laboratory of Professor Jeong-Woo Choi)
Department of Chemical Engineering, Sogang University, Seoul, Korea
Development of bio photoelectronic devices with image extraction function.
Fabricated monolayer of biomaterial such as lipid and protein
Developed immobilization technique for biomaterial - EPM, LB, SAM
Investigated Morphology of biomaterial coated surface – AFM, STM, FFM
Developed electrochemical and optical detection method
Fabricated image extraction device using bacteriorhopsin without software
Developed color recognition devices with biomaterials
Environmental and health biosensor development
Developed fiber-optic biosensor for detection of Organophosphorus compound (Toxin).
Developed the cholesterol (LDL) biosensor
Developed ethanol Biosensor
Fabricated controlled release devices for biosensor